Archer Genius Management is a full service business development agency. 


Our consultants are based internationally with backgrounds including Google, McKinsey & Co, Cisco, YouTube and other industry leaders. Our services include sales, recruiting, software development, product development and DEI consulting.














Chad formerly worked at Google across the company's Headquarters, New York, European, Middle Eastern and African locations helping to build YouTube's presence internationally. Chad also built relationships with Universities in London, France, Hungary, Ireland and Switzerland to expand the company's employer brand. 

After returning to the US in 2014, Chad joined a small team of partners to expand Dev Bootcamp - the world's first immersive coding school. As the company's head of new products and business development, Chad launched several new EdTech products and helped expand the company's presence across the US and internationally. After the partners sold the company, Chad left to launch Archer Genius Management with a team of his former Google colleagues.

Chad earned his B.A. in English at Morehouse College.


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Ed was formerly Director of Sales Effectiveness at LinkedIn where he drove behavioral changes for a team of 3,000 salespeople.

Before his time at LinkedIn, Ed was Head of Global Sales People Programs at Google where he led teams focused on performance management, compensation programs and organizational effectiveness initiatives for the Global Sales and Marketing organization. During his 8 years at Google, Ed also managed recruiting programs and strategy for Sales and Marketing roles across Google, focusing on staffing operations, internal mobility and sourcing. 

While at Google, Ed managed the business Analytics team in Online Sales and Operations and headed up the Black Google Network. Ed built Google's Building Opportunities and Leadership Development (BOLD) diversity internship program which established a pipeline for the hiring and development of 1000+ diverse employees to date. 

Before his time at Google, Ed spent two years at McKinsey & Company's Chicago office as a business analyst partnering with Fortune 50 companies to build and implement customer segmentation, operations and marketing strategies. 

Ed received his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Arts in Education from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Science degree with a dual concentration in Mathematics and Finance from Michigan State University. Ed is a member of the Alumni Board of Trustees for the College of Natural Science at Michigan State university and was a trustee of the school board for the Mountain View Whisman School District, a K-8 school district in Northern California from 2008-2012.




Ed Bailey is an instant impact player/coach - a brilliant, passionate, genius and hilarious team player who shows consistent commitment to the work of advancing people around him to improbable heights. I first met Ed as a consultant whom my brother - the CEO of our company - hired to restructure our organization and transform our small “family business” into a streamlined multi-million dollar operation. Ed re-negotiated ownership, navigated past wounds and politics with amazing grace, and created a deal that has re-energized the company and enhanced our working relationship.

During this process, I told Ed about my work at StreetCode Academy, a program working to bring diversity into tech companies by offering free tech training to the East Palo Alto community. He almost immediately began supporting the work by mentoring individual students, and quickly evolved into our lead business advisor. As a result of his guidance, we launched an expanded 18-month strategic plan, and reimagined a new 5-year vision. With his continued help, this plan will launch us as the leading cultural innovation hub for communities of color. Ed is a unicorn in our business of technology, entrepreneurship, and cultural impact. His background growing up in Westside Chicago combined with his best-in-class pedigree and corporate experience makes him a one-of-a-kind. He has been an invaluable player on our team, and as much as we don’t want to share his expertise, we know he’d be an impact player for an other organization/team.
— Tunde Sobomehin, Co-Founder, Esface


At this point, I consider the Archer team family. Above all of their important contributions to the growth of my business and strategy, they are accountable and available whenever I have to make a critical decision - no matter the time or day. What makes them an invaluable partner to my business is their ability to handle all forms of business challenges - from strategy to operations, from sourcing talent to negotiating deals and prices. Archer quickly learned my business model, constructed a business and financial plan for the next year and drove our execution against the milestones needed to help me get there. I would trust them to run my company if needed. Every minute of time I spend with them is time well spent. They have shared lessons t with me from relevant business practices in their experiences at Google, LinkedIn, Cisco and McKinsey & Co. and deftly applied them to my business in simple, clear and thoughtful ways. They have also developed and coached me into a better leader and business owner while helping me develop my vision and voice. I am sure this is just the beginning of a long, healthy relationship.
— Quincy Avery, Founder + CEO, Quincy Avery Quarterback Academy